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Revenue Events


Revenue events are events that change revenue schedules. This article describes revenue events and explains how to create revenue event types.

About Revenue Events

A revenue event is a record or audit trail about a change to a revenue schedule. A revenue event is comprised of:

  • Date: The date when the event occurred.
  • Revenue Event Type: The action or activity triggering the revenue event. 
  • Recognition Start and Recognition End: The start and end dates for the revenue recognition period.
  • Revenue Item: The distribution of revenue (or adjustments) into accounting periods. 

The following is an example of revenue events associated with a revenue schedule:

View Revenue Events

Supported Revenue Event Types

The following Zuora-defined revenue event types are supported:

  • accounting period(s) created
  • invoice canceled
  • invoice posted
  • invoice item adjustment created
  • invoice item adjustment canceled
  • revenue distributed

Create a Revenue Event Type

A revenue event type is a label for an action associated with a revenue schedule, such as revenue distribution or invoice cancelation. You can create your own revenue event type or change the label of an existing one. A maximum 500 revenue events are allowed.

Revenue event types are either Zuora-defined or user-defined:

  • Zuora-defined: This type is always active and cannot be deactivated. 
  • User-defined: This type can be activate or deactivate.

Navigation:  Settings > Z-Finance Settings > Configure Revenue Event Types

Example of a Custom Revenue Event TypeA revenue event type consists of:

  • Label: Required. A unique name for the revenue event type. 
    • Limit: 50 characters
  • System ID: Required. A unique ID for an event that is used to trigger the revenue event.
    • Limit: 50 characters
    • Cannot end with __z (double underscore), a reserve Zuora system ID suffix.
  • Active: A check mark indicates that the event type is active and is available for use.

For User-defined revenue event types, you can edit the Label and the System ID if the revenue event type is currently not used by a revenue event. After the revenue event type is used by revenue event, you can only edit the Label.

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