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Running Reports

We are currently transitioning to a new Reporting solution, with a new set of Standard Reports. See Create a Summary Report for how to use the new Reporting solution. See Reporting Migration Process for more information about the transition.

To run a report, select a type of report from the Report List page. Then select the format of the report that you want to create.

Shared and Private Reports

Reports are classified as either Shared or Private. Shared reports are created by Zuora, and shared with all users. Shared reports offer the standard reports most subscription businesses need for basic monitoring of their business. In addition to standard Shared reports, you can also create customized Private reports. Private reports allow you to create custom reports to which only you have access.

Running a Report

To run a report:

  1. Navigate to Reporting > Reporting.
  2. From the Report List page, click a report title from the list. The Report Options page appears.
  3. Configure the required report settings. These typically include date ranges, and allow you to set the scope of the reported information. 
  4. Select a Report Format:
  • HTML Document: Display the report on screen in the browser.
  • Open XML Spreadsheet Document: Save the report to your browser's download folder in XLS format.
  • Comma Separated Value Data Document: Save the report to your browser's download folder in CSV format.
  1. Click run to run the report.
  2. Reports with a large amount of data might take a few minutes to render. In this case, a Generating Report dialog appears:
    To view the report progress, click Go To Report Results. To stop rendering the report, click Cancel. To update the screen, click Refresh.
  3. After your report is created, the report will either be displayed in the Report viewing pane or Reporting will prompt you to download the report output, depending on the report format that you selected.
  4. Click Refresh to update the status of your running reports. Click back to Report List to return to the Report List page. Avoid using the Back button in your browser as this might cause an error.
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