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We are currently transitioning to a new Reporting solution, with a new set of Standard Reports. See Create a Summary Report for how to use the new Reporting solution. See Reporting Migration Process for more information about the transition.


The Grouping tab appears when you select the Crosstab report type. This feature allows you to group your information into chunks. You can show sub-total amounts for each group, and format your columns and rows.

Grouping allows you to choose how data is grouped together in Crosstab reports. A Crosstab report must have at least one column grouping and one row grouping.

Select Groups

To select the groups to use in your report:

  1. Click Add Row Grouping and Add Column Grouping to select the data columns to use for your rows and column headings. Data column lists are generated automatically based on the report data source criteria.
  2. Specify the following information:
    • Sort Order: Select "Ascending" or "Descending."
    • Format: Select a format to use to display the data. Some rows and columns have different options. For example, a Balance column allows you to choose from multiple number formats, such as currency or percent, and Date columns allow you to choose from multiple date formats.
    • Alignment: Specify the alignment to use. Typically, text columns are aligned left and number columns are aligned right. However, you can select any option, including center-align.
  3. To change the grouping order, select a row or column checkbox, then click the up or down arrow. The row or column name moves up or down in the list.
  4. To remove a row or column from the list, select a row or column checkbox then click the red X. The Remove Row Grouping or Remove Column Grouping confirmation dialog appears. Click OK to remove the selected row or column.
  5. To create a subset of a group, select another data column under the grouping. You can have as many sub-groups as you have data columns. To remove a subset, select "None" from the list.
  6. Click Swap Rows and Columns to swap row and column heading selections.
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