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We are currently transitioning to a new Reporting solution, with a new set of Standard Reports. See Create a Summary Report for how to use the new Reporting solution. See Reporting Migration Process for more information about the transition.


You can include charts to enhance reports. This feature is optional, but can add a level of clarity to your data. The chart options become available when you select Show Report and Chart or Show Chart Only. Charts print on a separate page from the rest of the report.

Report Options

Build your chart by selecting options on the Chart tab. First, select a display option:

  • Show Report only: Generates a report but not a chart.
  • Show Report and Chart: Generates a chart with the report.
  • Show Chart only: Generates a chart but not a report.


Chart Position

Select the Chart Location. You can place the chart at either the beginning or the end of the report. Next, select a Chart Size. Charts with a large amount of data might require a large size, while simple charts are effective in medium or small sizes.

Chart Types

Multiple types of charts are available, depending on which report columns you have selected to use. The basic charts types offered are Column, Bar, Line, Area, and Pie. Each type has 2D and 3D options. Select a chart type to view the Layout Styles available for the selected chart type.

Not all data can be included in a chart. For example, you cannot use Date columns to create a pie chart. Dates, however, can be used in bar or column charts. If your data does not appear as expected, try another chart type.

Chart Data

Select Chart Data to define the columns that you want to appear on the chart. The options are different for each chart type (for example, Column Heights for column charts, and Wedge Sizes for pie charts). Experiment with various chart types to find the style that works best for your data.

Chart Title

The Chart Title appears above the chart in your report. Type your chart title here and define the text style, text color, and background color.

Chart Legend

You can place a legend above, below, to the left or right of your chart, or have no legend at all. Select the position from the Position list. You can also define text style and color.

Chart Axes/Pies

Define the text style and color used for the item labels within a chart.

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