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New Monthly Recurring Revenue

We are currently transitioning to a new Reporting solution, with a new set of Standard Reports. See Create a Summary Report for how to use the new Reporting solution. See Reporting Migration Process for more information about the transition.

This report displays Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) sum of charges that belong to new subscriptions grouped by subscription month start and by product.

This report only includes MRR and TCV from charges on the initial subscription version, because MRR and TCV are not additive over time.

Any amendments added, removed, or updated charges to the subscription that might have changed total MRR and TCV for the subscription or account are ignored.

See Monthly Recurring Revenue for more information on MRR, and especially notice the 'Discount Charges' section which states, "Discount charges are not part of the MRR calculation due to the uncertain variables in discounts."

Report Source

Subscription Rate Plan Charge Data Source

Report Calculation

Sums MRR from charges belonging to the included subscriptions.

Report Filters

This report uses the following filters:

Filter Description


  • Equals 1
  • Only charges from the initial version of the subscription are included
  • Ignores MRR and TCV if changes to the subscription were made since its creation


  • User specified
  • Specifies the time period in which to include new subscriptions

In addition to filtering on subscription version, the subscription's Contract Effective Date must be within the specified period of time to be included.

How to Customize the Report

This report assumes that setting the Contract Effective Date kicks off the subscription and sets the subscription and term start date. 

However, you can customize the report in the following ways:

  • Use a different trigger date, such as the Service Activation Date or Customer Acceptance Date by modifying the appropriate filter. 
  • Add additional columns from the Rate Plan Charge object or related objects, this includes the option to display related custom fields. 
  • Change the grouping and sub totaling.

See Standard and Custom Reports for more information on how to customize reports.

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