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Guidance for Incompatible Filters

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The new Reporting solution does not support some combinations of filter operator and filter column data type. If a report has a filter that uses an incompatible combination, the report will not be migrated to the new Reporting solution.

The following combinations are incompatible:

Filter Operator Filter Column Data Types
Less Than (<) Text, Picklist
Greater Than (>) Text, Picklist
Less Than or Equal (<=) Text, Picklist
Greater Than or Equal (>=) Text, Picklist
Between Text, Picklist
Is Not Between Text, Picklist
Contains Picklist
Does Not Contain Picklist
Begins With Picklist
Does Not Begin With Picklist
Ends With Picklist
Does Not End With Picklist

Prior to migration, it is recommended to ensure that each filter uses a compatible combination of filter operation and filter column data type.

If the filter column is of type picklist, you should use the Equals (=) operator to specify the picklist values that you want the filter to match. For example, replace:

AccountingCode.Type  Ends With  Revenue


AccountingCode.Type  Equals (=)  DeferredRevenue, SalesRevenue, OtherRevenue

The corresponding filter in the new Reporting solution is:

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