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Order Quantity Data Source

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This feature is only available if you have the Revenue Metrics feature enabled. If you wish to have access to the feature, submit a request at Zuora Global Support. We will investigate your use cases and data before enabling this feature for you.

Use the Order Quantity data source to report on how different Orders and Order Actions change quantity over time. For example, let's say you create an Order Action that increases the number of users on a per unit charge. Assume that the charge starts out with 10 users, that this Order Action adds 5 more starting on 7/1/2017, and that the subscription term ends on 12/31/2017. This Order Action would create an Order Quantity metric with a Start Date of 7/1/2017, an End Date of 12/31/2017, and a Value of 5.

The following objects are available in the data source.

Object Description
Order Quantity

Contains the following fields:

  • Created By ID
  • Created Date
  • End Date
  • ID
  • Start Date
  • Updated By ID
  • Updated Date
  • Value


The customer account information.

Bill To

The entity or person associated with the account to whom your product or service is billed.

Default Payment Method

The default payment method used to make payments.

Order The order you want to show the Quantity metrics for.
Order Action The order action you want to show the Quantity metrics for.
Parent Account

Refers to the parent account associated with the customer account, if applicable.


The product information.

Product Rate Plan

The rate plan coming from the product catalog.

Product Rate Plan Charge

The product rate plan charge information coming from the product catalog.

Rate Plan

Refers to the rate plan or pricing plan information associated the subscription.

Rate Plan Charge

The charge information associated with the subscription.

Sold To 

The entity or person associated with the account to whom your product or service is sold.


The subscription to which the rate plan is associated.

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