Processed Usage Data Source

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Processed Usage Data Source

Use this data source to export processed usage data.

Data Source

Navigation: Reporting > Data Sources and select Processed Usage as the data source.

Data Source Detail

Data Source Diagram

This diagram illustrates the hierarchical association between the Processed Usage object and related (joined) Zuora objects.

Processed Usage data source

Base Object Description

Zuora Object Description
Processed Usage

This is the base Zuora object for the Processed Usage source export and includes the following fields:

  • BillingPeriodStartDate     
  • BillingPeriodEndDate     
  • Amount
  • CreatedById        
  • CreatedDate    
  • UpdatedById
  • UpdatedDate    

Related Object Descriptions

Descriptions for related Zuora objects are listed in alphabetical order.

Zuora Object Description
Account The customer account information. 
Amendment The amendment that is tied to the rate plan charge, if applicable.
Bill To The entity or person associated with the account to whom your product or service is billed.
Default Payment Method The default payment method used to make payments.

The entity that the data relates to. Part of the Multi-entity feature.

Invoice The invoice to which the payment is applied.
Invoice Item Represents one line item on the invoice.
Parent Account Refers to the parent account associated with the customer account, if applicable.
Product The product information.
Product Rate Plan The rate plan coming from the product catalog.
Product Rate Plan Charge The product rate plan charge information coming from the product catalog.
Rate Plan Refers to the rate plan or pricing plan information associated the subscription.
Rate Plan Charge The charge information associated with the subscription.
Sold To The entity or person associated with the account to whom your product or service is sold.
Subscription The subscription to which the rate plan is associated.
Usage Usage record information.
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