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Refund Data Source


Use this data source to export information about refunds. Each row represents one line of refund, whether it is on Invoice Payment or Credit Balance. Data includes information from Account.

Objects Available in the Data Source


Object Description
Account The account number.
Bill To Contact The contact of the entity or person who you bill for your product or service.

The entity that the data relates to. Part of the Multi-entity feature.

Sold To Contact The contact of the entity or person who purchased your product or service.
Payment Method Details of the payment method, such as credit card or PayPal.
Payment Method Snapshot A copy of the particular Payment Method used in a transaction.


Reporting on Reason Codes

Once you have started using reason codes for payment operations, you can use data sources to export information to use to create reports about the reason codes and how they are being used. The Refund data source includes a Reason Code field that you can select for export and to use to filter the export.

The Reason Code field appears in the list of available fields under the Refund object wherever the Refund object is available in a join for other data sources, including the Refund Invoice Payment and Refund Transaction Log data sources.

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