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Zuora Reporting Release Notes

Zuora Reporting provides an easy and intuitive way to create reports so you can use your Zuora data more effectively. Zuora Reporting is a fully-integrated analytics solution that provides a comprehensive view into the financial and operational health of your subscription business.

Zuora Reporting is included in the Zuora platform at no additional cost:

  • The Zuora Reporting version available in the Zuora Production environment is Zuora Reporting 1.12.
  • The Zuora Reporting version available in the the Zuora API Sandbox environment is Zuora Reporting 1.12.

Zuora Reporting 1.12 Release Notes

Zuora Reporting 1.12 includes minor feature enhancements and bug fixes.

Zuora Reporting 1.11 Release Notes

Zuora Reporting 1.11 includes the following enhancements, as well as bug fixes and other minor feature enhancements:

  • The responsiveness of the report preview in the report builder has been improved.

  • The responsiveness of folders on the Reporting page has been improved.

  • Currency handling in summary report results has been enhanced. Reporting now does not aggregate amounts if the amounts have different currencies. Instead of aggregating amounts that have different currencies, Reporting now displays "Not Applicable."

  • Reporting now displays "(none)" in summary report results if a field has no value. Previously, Reporting displayed "(blank)" in summary report results if a field had no value.

    Reporting continues to display "(blank)" in summary report results if the value of a field is the empty string.

Known Issues

See Notes and Limitations for limitations that apply when creating summary reports.

Previous Releases

See Previous Zuora Reporting Releases for release notes for Zuora Reporting 1.0 through 1.10.

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