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Requesting Zuora Dashboard

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The Zuora Dashboard feature is in Limited Availability and is not automatically enabled in your Zuora tenant.

Use the following procedure to request access to the dashboard. We will investigate your use cases and data to determine whether the dashboard is a good fit.

  1. Confirm that your tenant has at most 50,000 customer accounts. The Zuora Dashboard is limited to tenants with 50,000 or fewer customer accounts.

  2. Confirm that Orders is enabled in your tenant.

    If Customers > Orders is visible in the Zuora navigation menu, Orders is enabled in your tenant.

  3. Decide which currency you would like Zuora to use when displaying monetary values on the dashboard.

    The currency conversion configuration of your Zuora tenant does not affect the dashboard. Instead, Zuora uses standard exchange rates from Oanda, according to any currency that you specify.

    Zuora recommends that you consult your organization's Finance and Accounting leadership for advice about which currency to specify.

  4. Submit a request at Zuora Global Support and ask to have Zuora Dashboard enabled.

    Include the following information in your request:

    • The ID of your tenant. See Personal Settings for how to determine the ID of your tenant.
    • Confirmation that Orders is enabled in your tenant.
    • The ISO three-letter code of the currency that you would like Zuora to use when displaying monetary values on the dashboard.

After the Zuora Dashboard feature has been enabled, you can access the dashboard via Analytics > Dashboard in your tenant.

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