Rate Plan Charge Tier Data Source

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Rate Plan Charge Tier Data Source


Use this data source to export RatePlanChargeTier data associated with a rate plan charge. Each rate plan charge tier represents one row in the export.

Data Source

Navigation: Reporting > Data Sources and select  Rate Plan Charge Tier as the data source.

User Interface of the Rate Plan Charge Tier Data Source and Fields

Data Source Details

Data Source Diagram

This diagram illustrates the hierarchical association between the base Rate Plan Charge Tier object  and related (joined) Zuora objects.

Diagram ilustrating the relationship between Rate Plan Charg eTier and related objects

Base Object Description

Zuora Object Description

Rate Plan Charge Tier

The prices for a rate plan charge. Each rate plan charge has at least one tier.

This is the base Zuora object for the Rate Plan Charge Tier data source export and includes the following fields:

  • Created By ID
  • Created Date
  • Currency
  • Discount Amount
  • Discount Percentage
  • Ending Unit
  • ID
  • Included Units
  • Overage Price
  • Price
  • Price Format
  • Starting Unit Tier
  • Updated By ID
  • Update Date

Related Zuora Objects

Descriptions for related Zuora objects are listed in alphabetical order.  

Zuora Object Description


The change made to subscription, such as changes to terms and conditions, product changes, and cancelations.


The entity that the data relates to. Part of the Multi-entity feature.


The product information.

Product Rate Plan

The rate plan coming from the product catalog.

Product Rate Plan Charge

The product rate plan charge information coming from the product catalog.

Rate Plan

Refers to the rate plan or pricing plan information associated the subscription.

Rate Plan Charge

The charge information associated with the subscription.


The subscription to which the rate plan is associated.

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