Rate Plan Data Source

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Rate Plan Data Source


Use this data source to export summary data on rate plans that appear on subscriptions, including associated data on account, subscription, and product information from the product catalog.

Objects Available in the Data Source


Object Description
Account The account number.
Amendment The amendment that is tied to the rate plan, if applicable.
Bill To Contact The contact of the entity/person to whom you bill for your product or service.

The entity that the data relates to. Part of the Multi-entity feature.

Sold To Contact The contact of the entity/person to whom your product or service is sold.
Default Payment Method

The default payment method used to make payments.


The product information.

Product Rate Plan

The rate plan coming from the product catalog.

Rate Plan

Refers to the rate plan or pricing plan information associated the subscription.

Subscription The subscription the rate plan belongs to.
Subscription Version Amendment

The amendment that generated a particular version of a subscription.

See below for more information.

Subscription Version Amendment

The RatePlan.Amendment Type and Amendment.Type fields show the type of the most recent amendment that touched a particular RatePlan. While there is no change to the meaning of these fields from before, note that the fields do not reflect Renewals, Cancellations, and Terms & Conditions Amendments. For example, if a subscription has been renewed, the RatePlan.Amendment Type field will continue to carry the Amendment Type value from before the renewal.

The Subscription.Amendment Type field shows the type of the Amendment that most recently touched a particular Subscription version. This field will include all Amendment types, including Renewals, Cancellations, and Terms & Conditions.

Because the Subscription.Amendment Type field is on a per-Subscription Version basis, it will have the same value for all RatePlans contained in a particular Subscription Version. This can result in some ambiguity. For example, if one of the RatePlans (on a subscription that has two RatePlans) is updated, the Subscription.Amendment Type will show a value of UpdateProduct for both RatePlans. This can be disambiguated by comparing the values of Subscription.Amendment Type and RatePlan.Amendment Type. A match indicates that the Amendment affected that particular RatePlan and a mis-match indicates that the RatePlan was not affected. 

Using the Export ZOQL to export subscription data

You can use the SubscriptionVersionAmendment object to export the Renewal or Terms and Conditions amendments from the Rate Plan data source object, in addition to the other amendment types that are already available. For example, you can use the following Export ZOQL query: 

select SubscriptionVersionAmendment.id, SubscriptionVersionAmendment.type from RatePlan  [where Account.Name = 'ACCOUNT_NAME']
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