Using the Collections Window Feature

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Using the Collections Window Feature


Navigate to the landing page (or select Home in the top left) to view the Collections Window.

Navigate between My Accounts, All Accounts and Unassigned Accounts to view accounts in collections:

  • My Accounts - Shows accounts assigned to you, the collections agent
  • All Accounts - Shows all accounts that meet the parameters of an account in collections, regardless of collections agent
  • Unassigned Accounts - Shows all accounts in collections that have not been assigned to a collections agent

Account Information

  1. Click on an account name to view account information. Account information is visible to all agents.


  2. The account landing page will display relative account information, like the last 5 invoices and payments, contact and balance information, and any notes made to the account.


  3. The comments section allows the user to upload files, insert web links and use @mentions that notify the recipient via email and on the Collections Window UI.

  4. Assign the account to a collections agent.


  5. Enable the Account Status box that best represents the current status of the account. Click update when you are done.
    All accounts that are in collections will have the ‘In Collections’ status enabled.

  6. Enter comments regarding the particular account to keep other agents informed of account transactions.
    Comments cannot be edited or deleted by design.


Collection Tasks

  1. Navigate to Home page > Collections Tasks.

    All workflows that contain a manual task awaiting approval will be populated.


  2. Navigate between My Collection Tasks and All Collection Tasks to view tasks awaiting approval

    • My Collection Tasks - Shows all tasks assigned to you, the collections agent (this is specific to the credentials that were used to sign in)
    • All Tasks - Show all outstanding collections tasks awaiting approval
      Table displays the name of all agents able to approve or decline a task.
  3. Click Pending to approve or decline a task.


    The task information dialog box opens:


    Information displayed in the dialog box will vary depending on information obtained from the workflow.

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