Set Up the Collections Window Feature

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Set Up the Collections Window Feature


  • You must have installed the Collections Window feature. See Install Zuora Collect Features for more information.

    The Collections Window feature uses OAuth to authenticate to your Zuora tenant.

  • Workflow configured for the Collections Window using a manual task

Settings Configuration

  1. Launch feature instance.

  2. Navigate to Settings to complete settings details.


    • Time Zone - Select the desired time zone from the dropdown menu

    • Scheduler Builder - Enter the minimum account balance amount for an account to be considered ‘In Collections’

      Minutes, Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly

      Complete specific time frame details. Start times are in military time.

    • Interval - No further action is needed for this field

    Account Conditions:

    The Account Conditions are the minimum parameters for an account to enter collections and be populated in the Collections Window. Both parameters must be met for an account to be considered ‘In Collections’ and populated in window. An account is considered to be ‘Out of Collections’ when the account no longer meets the minimum account balance parameter.

    • Days Overdue - Enter the amount of days an invoice must be overdue to be considered ‘In Collections’

    • Account Balance - Enter the minimum account balance amount for an account to be considered ‘In Collections’

      Do not click the Update button at the time of initial Collections Window Configuration.

    System Integrations:

    Enter the API tokens from the Workflow, Notes and Configurable Payment Retry Collect features.

    • Enter Workflow API Token (required integration)

      Obtain your Workflow API Token by navigating to Workflow feature instance > Click Edit on any Workflow > Settings > API Token.


    • Enter Notes API Token (required integration)

      Obtain your Notes API Token by navigating to Notes feature instance. Token is displayed on landing page.

    • Enter Configurable Payment Retry API Token to complete System Integrations for Configurable Payment Retry.

      Obtain your Configurable Payment Retry API Token by navigating to Configurable Payment Retry feature instance > Settings > API Token.


  3. Click Create.

  4. Once the Collections Window has been integrated with your Workflow feature, navigate to Settings > User Settings to configure the Account Status.


  5. Configure the 4 default status titles: In Collections, Pending, In Dispute, and Paid in Full.

    To add an additional status, type status name in the box and click Update. To delete a status, click the ‘X’ at the beginning of the status title box.

  6. Click Save.

After completing the configuration, the following custom fields will be available in your tenant:

Object Custom Field Label Custom Field Type
Account Collections Agent Text
Account In Collections Picklist

Update Accounts

After all settings have been configured, navigate back to the Settings > Account Conditions.


Click the Update button to have the system populate accounts in real time based on the saved Account Conditions. If immediate changes to the data in the Collections Window is not needed, allow the accounts to be updated with the configured schedule.

Changes will be reflected on the Collections Window homepage within 5 minutes.

Configure Profile

Navigate to My Profile and complete profile user information. First Name, Last Name, Email and Platform Role are auto populated based on user information in the tenant settings.

  1. Select time zone from dropdown menu.

  2. Select Escalation point from dropdown menu.

  3. Click Update.


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