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Using the Configurable Lockbox feature


Using the Configurable Lockbox feature

You can have multiple lockbox file formats in one instance of Configurable Lockbox. Each lockbox file format can have its own processing options, payment options, and processing schedules. 

Understand the Homepage

After completing the configuration settings, you are navigated to the homepage of the app. 

The RECENT ACTIVITY section on the left displays recent lockbox runs. The CONFIGURED LOCKBOXES section on the right shows all lockbox file formats configured on this instance. 


Add a New Lockbox File Format

If you need to add a new lockbox file format, click the add icon in the top right and follow the steps in Set Up the Configurable Lockbox Feature.lockbox_home_page.png

View Lockbox Details

In the Configured Lockboxes section, click a lockbox file format link to view the details, including all processing histories of this lockbox (hereafter referred to as lockbox runs).


Upload Lockbox File Manually

On the lockbox detail page, click Upload to add a new lockbox file and process payments. 


View Lockbox Run Details

Every run will generate a detailed report of all processed files during the run.

  1. Once a lockbox run finishes, click More Details of the run to view the report.


  2. A run report will display details including:

    • File Records Processed - Number of file records processed in the run.
    • Payment Created - Number of payments created in the run.
    • Generate Failed - Create a file of all failed invoice payment from the lockbox file.


  3. To further investigate the details of a particular payment, click More Details.