Using the Configurable Payment Retry feature

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Using the Configurable Payment Retry feature

After completing the customer group and retry logic configuration of Configurable Payment Retry, ensure accounts in tenant have auto-pay enabled and have an electronic payment method associated to them. Only payments collected via the Zuora payment runs will enter the retry cycles of Configurable Payment Retry.

Activation of retry logic

Upon the successful completion of a Payment Run, Configurable Payment Retry’s logic is activated. Initial payments from the payment run that are not successful will be sent into the retry system and will trigger the configured retry logic for their gateway response.

See Payment Runs for more information about payment runs.

Auto-pay status change

No matter what the retry level is (account or invoice), once an invoice enters the retry cycle in Configurable Payment Retry, the auto-pay for the invoice will be disabled.
If the retry level is set to Account, when invoices for an account enter the retry cycle in Configurable Payment Retry, the account auto-pay will also be disabled.
If the retry level is set to Invoice, when an invoice enters the retry cycle, Configurable Payment Retry will not try to disable the auto-pay for the associated account.

Review retry attempts

To monitor the progress of your retry logic, complete the following steps.

  1. In your Zuora tenant, click the desired account and select Transactions > Payments.

  2. View the Status of each payment.

    • Error - Payment was unsuccessful and is in retry attempt
    • Processed - Payment was successfully processed


  3. Click the Payment Number to view payment details.


    The Payment window opens:


    • Error Message - Displays the error message of the selected payment gateway
    • Comment - Displays information about the status of the account in the retry process

Understand the home page

Use metrics on the home page to evaluate effectiveness of your payment retry attempts for increased collection rates.

  1. Recovery Rate - Displays the % of money recovered from accounts in retry

  2. Day - Average number of days invoices are unpaid before collection

  3. Recovered - Total amount of money recovered from accounts in retry

  4. Attempts - Displays the average number of attempts required to recover funds

  5. Customer Groups - List of all customer groups

  6. Response Codes and Groups - Review all gateway response codes and map their responses

  7. Responses Grouped by Code Type - Graph that displays the different type of response codes to declined invoices

    • Success
    • Hard Decline
    • Soft Decline
    • System Error

    Custom code types will be reflected in graph

  8. Funds Collected - Displays total amount collected, the exact percentage of collected funds is displayed in the Recover Rate metrics (1)

  9. Codes by Customer Group - Breakdown of customer groups based on response code



  • Ensure all accounts have auto-pay enabled.

  • Payments must come from a payment run to be picked up by Configurable Payment Retry

  • If there is a response code from the Gateway not recognized by the CPR feature, (i.e., a response code that has not been mapped and pre-loaded by Zuora), the feature will respond with configured label identified on the Settings page.

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