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Configure the Disputes feature


Configure the Disputes feature

Before the Disputes feature is ready for use, you need to complete configurations for the feature. 


  • You must install the Disputes feature. The Disputes feature uses OAuth to authenticate to your Zuora tenant.
    For more information, see Install Zuora Collect Features.
  • To be able to perform the following actions, you must install the Notes feature :
    • Add or reply to comments on all disputes.
    • Configure escalation points for standard users.
    • Configure authorized amounts for standard users.

Add a reason code for Disputes in Zuora

To allow the Disputes feature to create invoice item adjustments or credit memos, you need to add a reason code in Zuora environment. 

  1. In Zuora environment, navigate to Settings > Payments > Configure Reason Codes.
  2. Select the correct category for your reason code. 
    • If Invoice Settlement is enabled on your tenant, select Credit Memo from the drop-down list.
    • If Invoice Settlement is not enabled on your tenant, select Invoice Item Adjustment from the drop-down list.
  3. Ensure "Charge Dispute" is in the reason code list. If not, click add new reason code, enter "Charge Dispute" in the text field, and click save. Reason code names are case-sensitive.

Configure time zone, system integration, and dispute reasons

To be able to add comments to a dispute, configure escalation points or authorized amount for an account, you need to complete the system integration with the Notes feature in Disputes.

When you create a dispute in the Disputes feature, you need to select a dispute reason from the list. The list of dispute reasons is configured in the settings page of Disputes. 

Only admins are allowed to configure dispute reasons.

To configure the system integration and dispute reasons in Disputes:

  1. Start Disputes.
    Upon the first launch, you will be prompted to configure the initial settings of the instance.
  2. In the Settings tab, select the time zone for Disputes. Zuora recommends that you select the same time zone as in Zuora to avoid errors. 
  3. In the System Integrations tab of the settings page, enter the Notes API-token in the text field.
    Obtain the API-token of Notes from the Setting tab of the Notes landing page. See Obtain the API token of Notes for details.
  4. In the Dispute Reasons tab, add new dispute reasons, or delete existing reasons. 
    • To add a dispute reason, enter the reason in the text field and press Enter.
    • To delete an existing dispute reason, click the delete icon in front of the dispute reason. 
  5. Click Save to save the settings.

Configure escalation points and authorized amounts in Notes

For each standard user, there is an authorized amount. If the disputed amount is greater than the authorized amount, the standard user must escalate the dispute to another person (manager or admin) for further processing. People that are responsible for handling escalated disputes are escalation points. 

Escalation points and authorized amounts are configured in the Notes feature. For details, see Using the Notes feature.

Only admins are allowed to configure escalation points and authorized amounts.

Export notes

Notes that have been added in Disputes can be exported. The exporting needs to be performed in Notes. For details, see Using the Notes feature.