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Tax App Overview

Zuora’s Tax app offers a pre-built integration that can efficiently deal with various tax types and rules. The Tax app connects you to the tax providers that hold the up-to-date tax rate data for numerous sales tax jurisdictions globally and eliminates the need for manual updates. You can use the Liquid Template Language to customize templates. The customization allows the dynamically created requests to be sent to your tax provider in order to automatically calculate the correct tax rates for invoices, with various account tax conditions, customer locations, and tax types and rules taken into consideration. With this app, Zuora makes it easier to integrate your existing tax services with our world-class subscription relationship management solutions. 

Marketplace Apps

The Tax app has various integrations corresponding to different tax providers. Only the following integrations of the Tax app can be found in the Connect Marketplace instead of the Tax app itself: 

  • Avalara AvaTax
  • Avalara AvaTax for Communications
  • CCH SureTax Connector
  • ONESOURCE Determination (FKA Sabrix) Tax Connector
  • Sovos Tax Connector
  • Vertex Tax Connector 


  • Ability to generate custom tax requests.
  • Automatically process all taxation items for invoices in real time.
  • Utilize a variety of external tax providers.


  • Use external tax providers of your choice to retrieve the most accurate taxes to date.
  • Avoid maintaining tax rates in multiple locations.
  • Customize your need to tailor reporting to your business.
  • All processes are automated to ensure speed and accuracy.

Getting Started with Tax 

Install Tax App

Submit a request at Zuora Global Support to enable the Connect Tax Engines feature in your Zuora tenant.

As a first step, you must install the Tax app in your Connect tenant. See Install an App for instructions on how to install the apps. Note that you must select Tax in the dropdown list of the Apps tab. 

Specific to this app: 

  • Run mode - Select the tax provider you want to use.
  • Tax - Select the desired credentials to the selected tax provider. If no desired credential can be found, click New to create the credentials for the new Tax instance.
    • Username and Password - The credentials for your tax provider account. 
    • Security Token - The security token for your tax provider account. If you have specified the username and password for your tax provider account, this field is not required.
    • URL - The endpoint of your tax provider account.

Configure Tax App

After the Tax app is installed in your tenant, you can start to configure the created Tax instance and the rate plans in your Zuora tenant.

  1. Configure Tax App in Connect
  2. Configure Rate Plans in Zuora

Test Tax App

After you have completed all the required configurations, you are ready to test your configurations. See Test Tax App for details.


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