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Install Workflow


  • You have a Zuora Connect account. See Sign Up for a Zuora Connect Account for more information.
  • You have purchased Zuora Workflow as a standalone product or as a feature of Zuora Collect. See Collect for more information.
  • You have linked your Zuora tenant with your Zuora Connect account. Zuora recommends that you create an API user account to link with your Zuora Connect account. See Create an API User and Link Your Zuora Tenant and Connect for more information.


  1. Log in to Zuora Connect.

  2. Navigate to My Connect > Tenants.

  3. On the page that opens, locate the Zuora Connect login for your Zuora tenant. Hover on the login and click Apps.


  4. On the overview page for your Zuora tenant login, click the Apps tab.

  5. Click New and then select Workflow.

  6. In the General tab of the Workflow - New Configuration dialog, complete the configurations.

    • Name - Enter a name that will help you to identify the Workflow instance. 
    • Run Mode - Select Collections.
    • Execution - Select External unless otherwise specified in the Workflow documentation. 
    • Target - Select an existing Zuora tenant login, or click New to create a new tenant login.

      Zuora recommends using OAuth authentication for your login. See Create an OAuth Login in Zuora Connect for details.

  7. In the Advanced tab, select the production build.

  8. Click Create to save the settings.

What's Next?

The Workflow instance is installed on your tenant. If you hover over the Workflow instance, Zuora Connect displays an Actions menu that you can use to manage the instance:


The available actions include: 

  • Task Details - View the configurations of the instance.
  • Edit Task - Modify the details that you entered in the New Configuration dialog box.
  • Clone Task - Create a clone of the instance. You can change the configurations of the new instance.
  • Stop Task - Stop the instance.
  • Share Task - Share the app instance with another user.
  • Launch - Start this Workflow instance.
  • Favorite - Pin the app to the Zuora Connect dashboard.
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