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Make API Calls to Salesforce from Workflow

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Configurations and credentials for making API calls to Salesforce are different from typical API calls. You need to create a connected app in Salesforce and obtain additional credentials. 


Ensure you have an account to the developer edition of Salesforce. If you don't have an account, sign up at


  1. Create a connected app for the integration in the Salesforce developer edition. 
    1. In Salesforce, select Create > Apps under Build.
    2. In the Connected Apps section, click New.
    3. On the page that opens, specify information for the app. Ensure Enable OAuth Settings is selected.
    4. Click Save.
  2. When the app is created, click the app name in the Connected Apps section to view its details. Copy the consumer key and consumer secret to a separate place. We will need them later.
  3. In Salesforce, go to My Settings, select Personal > Reset My Security Token, and click Reset Security Token. An email will be sent to your email address. Copy the security token to the separate place.  
  4. In Workflow, add a callout task in your workflow. In the Authentication tab, specify the following authentication details. 
    • Authentication Type: select oauth_2.0.
    • Grant Type: Select Password Credentials.
    • URL: Enter the Salesforce login URL.
    • Client ID: Enter the client key obtained in step 2.
    • Client Secret: Enter the client secret obtained in step 2.
    • Token URL: Enter the Salesforce endpoint for token requests.
    • Username: Enter your Salesforce user name. 
    • Password: Enter your Salesforce account password and append the security token obtained in step 3.
  5. In the Header tab of the callout task, specify the HTTP method and the endpoint URL, and add this header:
    Key: Content-type
    Value: application/json
  6. Optional: Zuora recommends that you create global constants for the following credentials, so that you do not need to manually enter the credentials every time you create a callout task to Salesforce endpoints.




    To learn about how to define and reference global constants, see Global Constants of Workflow.

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