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Logic: Iterate

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This task iterates through the input data one item at a time by default. If you set Iteration Type to Unique-Field, it iterates through unique values of data fields. 

The input data can be from:

  • a data export or query task
  • other tasks that output CSV files
  • direct file input by users

You must define a task after an iterate task with the For Each condition to handle further data processing for each item or unique field value. 

Task Settings

  • Object - The input data object. It can be a file output from the preceding task, or a file directly upload by the user, or an object specified by a custom Liquid statement. 
  • Iteration Type - If the logic of the subsequent tasks is based on unique values of a data field, select Unique-Field. Otherwise, use Default (Every Item).
  • Chunking - If the subsequent task processes multiple items at a time, specify a number as the chunking size. Chunking is useful for bulk creating, updating, or deleting operations. 
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