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Reporting Roles

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Zuora platform administrators can manage access to Reporting features by setting roles and permissions. The following Reporting roles are available in the Manage Roles administration setting by default:

  • Zuora Reporting Standard User

    This role has the permissions View Reports, Manage Reports, Enable DataSource Export, Enable Exports, and View Dashboard described below.

  • Zuora Reporting Administrator

    This role has all the Reporting permissions described below.

By default, each user is assigned the Zuora Reporting Standard User role.

You can create and assign custom roles that combine the following permissions:

Permission Description

View Reports

This permission enables users to access the Reporting user interface and do the following:

  • View shared reports.
  • Mark shared reports as favorites.
  • Run shared reports.
  • Enter values required by filter conditions when running a shared report.
  • View results of shared reports.
  • Export results of shared reports to CSV files.
  • Schedule runs of shared reports.

See Folders and Sharing for more information.

Manage Reports

This permission enables users to create, view, copy, rename, remove, favorite, share, and run reports. This permission also enables users to view report results and export report results to CSV files.

Manage All Reports

This permission enables users to do the following:

  • View report runs from all users and cancel any report run.
  • Edit and delete scheduled report runs from all users.
  • View and export results of reports run by all users.
  • Hide (and show) Zuora Standard Reports for users that do not have the Manage All Reports permission.

Enable DataSource Exports

This permission enables users to access Data Sources. If you disable this permission for a user, the user will not be able to download data source exports from the Zuora user interface.

See Generate a Data Source Export for more information.

Manage Data Sources

This permission enables users to customize the data sources that are displayed by default.

See Manage Data Sources for more information.

Enable Exports

Part of the Data Exports feature.

This permission enables users to do the following:

  • Run data exports
  • View and download data exports run by all users

See Data Exports for more information.

The Enable Exports permission does not affect the following export links within the Zuora user interface. Users without the Enable Exports permission can use these links to directly download data from your Zuora tenant.

View Dashboard

Part of the Zuora Dashboard feature.

This permission enables users to do the following:

  • View and interact with dashboard cards.
  • Filter the data that is displayed on each dashboard card, but not save the changes.

See Using the Dashboard and Configuring Cards on the Dashboard for more information.

Manage Dashboard

Part of the Zuora Dashboard feature.

This permission enables users to save changes to dashboard cards.

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