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Asynchronous Operation Statistics

Zuora provides tenant administrators insight into the status of asynchronous operations with the View EJP Statistics feature. This feature provides protection against asynchronous job backlogs and ensures that asynchronous job service levels are met.

Once enabled, this feature is applicable to all tenants.

Viewing Asynchronous Operation Statistics

Navigate to Settings > Administration Settings > View EJP Statistics.


This page can only be accessed if the feature has been enabled.

This page provides the following information:

Statistic Description

Tenant Specific Backlog

Backlog caused to a specific tenant's high frequency of asynchronous jobs. 

General Zuora Backlog

Backlog caused for reasons, such as another tenant with a large asynchronous load, or a decrease in Zuora's computational capacity.  

Total Backlog

Sum of all backlogged messages of the specific tenant.

The values of these metrics default to 0, unless the feature is turned on for a specific asynchronous operation and a backlog exists for the given tenant for a specific message type.

If enabled for a specific asynchronous operation, the values are automatically refreshed based on the current system status. This enables a tenant administrator to gauge the frequency of the tenant's asynchronous operations.

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