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Guided Selling


Guided Selling

 Zuora For Salesforce : Guided Selling


Large product catalogs can create a series of challenges for your sales team


Sales reps cannot find the product they are looking for

With large product catalogs and complex naming conventions, it’s often difficult to quickly find the product you are looking for


Sales reps do not know which add-ons they should offer to the customer or which products should be offered together

Product relationships are often undefined, making it difficult for the sales rep to identify add-ons or product bundles (e.g. which plans are recommended for a certain device)

Guided Selling helps sales teams deliver the right products and increase returns

Icon - Product Selection.png

Tailored product selection

Present questions and filters to narrow down the applicable products, rate plans, or charges for your customer.

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Categories, filters, and search bars

Page components help sales reps find the right product in shorter periods of time.

Icon - Product Relationship.png

Product relationships

Easily present which add-ons are applicable for which products so that your sales team offers the right add-ons every time.

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Configurable components

Implementing Guided Selling involves clicks, not code. Configure the quote selection process to meet your business needs.