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Create and Manage Products in Salesforce


Create and Manage Products in Salesforce

Create Products

To create a bundle in the product catalog, you need to create a separate product for each component in a bundle and the bundle itself. 

To create a product in Zuora Quotes:

  1. In the Products tab, click New.
  2. On the Product Edit page, specify the field values:
    • Product Name: Specify the name of the product.
    • Active: Select to have the product available for the quoting process.
    • Product Code: This is a Salesforce standard field. Specify a value if needed to use the product outside of Zuora Quotes.
    • Product Family: This is a Salesforce standard field. Specify a value if needed to use the product outside of Zuora Quotes.
    • Type: This field value is used to organize products in the Lightning Guided Product Selector.
      • Standalone: A standalone product can be sold on its own or can be sold in a bundle. 
      • Bundle: A bundle product must include at least one standalone component. A bundle cannot include another bundle.
    • Category: Select the Category used to organize this product. Select one of the following categories:
      • Base Products: The main product that you offer.
      •  Add On Services: A product that can only be added to a base product. This can include setup or consulting fees. An add-on product cannot be sold on its own without tied to a base product.
      • Miscellaneous Products: This category is used as a special case of base products, e.g. delinquent payment charges.
    • Effective Start Date: The effective start date is the day this product becomes available, which is when you can begin adding the product to quotes. Specify a date in the "MM/DD/YYYY" format. 
    • Effective End Date: The effective end date is the last day this product is available to be subscribed. Specify a value in the "MM/DD/YYYY" format.
    • Allow Feature Changes: For each product, you can control whether to allow your users to add or remove features while creating or amending subscriptions.
    • Zuora Id: If your product catalog was synchronized from Zuora, this field contains the Id of the product in Zuora Product Catalog. warningRed1.png Do not change or enter a new value in this field.
    • SKU: The value is automatically generated if no value is specified.
    • Product Description: Specify a description of the product to aid users during the product selection process.
  3. Click Save.

Manage Products

In the Product Detail section on the Product page, you can perform the following actions:

  • Edit: Edit the fields in the product.
  • Delete: Delete the product in the Salesforce product catalog.
    Once a product is synced to Zuora, you cannot directly delete the product in Salesforce.
    Use the Mark for Delete option and sync the product to Zuora. When successfully synced to Zuora, the product will be deleted from the Salesforce product catalog.
    We recommend you remove the Delete button from this page layout.
  • Clone: Clone the product.
  • Mark for Delete: Set the flag to delete this product when synced to Zuora.
  • Sync to Zuora: Synchronize this product to Zuora.
  • Validate: Check if the product is correctly configured as below.
    • The following product fields have values:
      • Type
      • Effective Start Date 
      • Effective End Date 
    • The product contains one or more product rate plans.
    • The product rate plans contain product rate plan charges.
    • The product rate plan charges contain prices.
    • The product, its product rate plans, and the charges have successfully synchronized to Zuora.
    • The product option group contains one or more valid product options.
    • The product options contain one ore more product rate plan options.  

You need to sync the product, rate plans, charges, and tiers to Zuora to successfully validate.