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Enable and Configure Orders


Enable and Configure Orders

Before you start the process of enabling Orders, carefully review the considerations and the process described in the Transition Overview article.

Once you enable the Orders setting in your Zuora tenant, you will not be able to revert back and disable the Orders setting. 

Carefully review Limitations before you turn on the Orders setting.

The quotes previously saved but have not sent to Zuora may have to be recreated after the Orders setting is turned on. Specifically, the following types of in-flight quotes will need to be recreated:

  • Amendment quotes
  • Renewal quotes 
  • New subscription quotes for existing billing account

Take the following steps to configure Zuora Quotes to integrate with Zuora Orders:

  1. Install and configure the latest version of Zuora Quotes package
  2. Contact Zuora to enable Orders in your Zuora tenant.
  3. Wait for the Orders permission to be enabled in your Salesforce org.
  4. Alternatively, you can manually enable the permission in Zuora Quotes after the setting is enabled in your Zuora tenant.
  5. Enable the Store Existing Product feature by navigating to Zuora Config > Advanced Quoting Configuration Settings and selecting the Store Existing Products check box. See more information in Manage Existing Products on a Subscription.
  6. In your Zuora tenant, select the Enable Subscriptions to be Invoiced Separately? option in the Billing Settings.

Manually Enable Zuora Orders Setting

To use Zuora Orders, the Enable Orders setting must be turned on in Zuora Quotes. The setting is automatically enabled at 0:00AM by the scheduled Apex job RefreshCustomSettingSchedulable on the following day after the corresponding Zuora setting is enabled in your Zuora tenant. 

Note that you must manually enable the Enable Orders setting if your Quotes is version 9.8 or later because this scheduled Apex job is deleted when you upgraded to Quotes 9.8 or later. See Review the Scheduled Jobs for Refresh Custom Settings for more information.

To manually enable the Enable Orders setting:

  1. In Salesforce, open Developer Console.
  2. Navigate to Debug > Open Execute Anonymous Window.
  3. In the Enter Apex Code window, type: 
  4. Click Execute.
  5. Verify that the Enable Orders setting is correctly updated in Advanced Quoting Configuration Settings in the Zuora Config tab.


Your Salesforce org and your Zuora tenant must both be pointing to each other. The refreshOrdersPermission operation, scheduled or manual, will fail if the Salesforce Credentials configured in your Zuora tenant do not point to the Salesforce org you are using.