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Zuora 360+ Object and Field Mapping


Zuora 360+ Object and Field Mapping

This article lists the object and field level mapping between Zuora and Salesforce that are supported by Zuora 360+. Once you enable syncs for new types of objects in Zuora 360+, their child objects that have a lookup to them will also be synced through Zuora 360+.

Object Types Upgraded by Zuora 360+

The following object types are supported by both Zuora 360+ and Zuora 360. When Zuora 360+ is enabled, the field level mappings are different from Zuora 360. Click an object name to see the field level mappings when Zuora 360+ enabled. For the field mappings without Zuora 360+ enabled, see Zuora 360 Objects Mapping.

The sync of Invoice objects will automatically switch to the Zuora 360+ mode once you enable Zuora 360+. For other object types with Zuora 360+ enabled, the sync mode will remain unchanged unless you specifically submit a request at Zuora Global Support.

Zuora Object Salesforce Object


Invoice Payment Zuora__PaymentInvoice__c
Payment Zuora__Payment__c
Payment Method Zuora__PaymentMethod__c
Product Zuora__Product__c
Refund Zuora__Refund__c
Refund Invoice Payment Zuora__RefundInvoicePayment__c