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Upgrade Zuora 360 to Q2 2015 (Version 2.110)


Upgrade Zuora 360 to Q2 2015 (Version 2.110)

This document explains how to upgrade Zuora 360 Q4 2014 release (version 2.100) to the Q2 2015 release (version 2.110).

If Zuora 360 has never been installed in your Salesforce org, perform the standard installation instruction as described in Install the Zuora 360 Package.

You are not required to uninstall your current version before installing the new version. 

Enable History Tracking

Before upgrading Zuora 360, enable History Tracking for the Account field of the Billing Account object. This setting supports the ability to change CRM Account IDs in bulk.
  1. Navigate to Setup > Create > Objects.
  2. Alternatively, in your Salesforce org, you may need to navigate to Setup > Build > Create > Objects.
  3. Click Billing Account
  4. In the Custom Object Definition Detail section, click Edit.
  5. On the Edit Custom Object Definition page, in the Optional Features section, select Track Field History.
  6. Click Save.
  7. In the Custom Fields & Relationships section, click Set History Tracking.
  8. On the Billing Account Field History page, select Account and click Save.

Install the Zuora 360 Managed Package

Submit a request at Zuora Global Support for the installation package link.

Install the version 2.110 of Zuora 360 as described in Install the Zuora 360 Package.

DateTime Fields Changed to Date Type

A number of dateTime type fields were changed to the Date type in the version 69 of Zuora WSDL. If you have custom code using Order Builder and want to use the version 69 of Zuora WSDL, you need to:

  • Review Date Field Changes in the SOAP API for the list of effected fields whose type was changed to Date from dateTime.
  • Update your code to reflect the type changes to avoid errors or date mismatching.

Time Zone Support

To use local time zone support in Order Builder:

zUtil Global Methods Changes

The following global methods were updated or added to support the changes related to time zone support in Zuora. Review your Order Builder code for the changes and make updates where needed.

  • Zuora.zUtil.getZuoraDate: The getZuoraDate method now returns a string that includes the Salesforce user's time zone offset.
  • Zuora.zUtil.getZuoraDateOnly: The new getZuoraDateOnly method returns a date only string for the Date type fields in version 69 of Zuora WSDL.