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Real-Time Sync for Zuora 360+


Real-Time Sync for Zuora 360+

Real-time Sync automatically synchronizes record changes from Zuora to Salesforce in real time. It monitors and listens to the record changes in Zuora database and synchronizes changed records to Salesforce once the number of record change events reaches the configured threshold. Because of this event-driven triggering, Real-time Sync synchronizes a small number of record changes efficiently.

Real-time Sync uses Salesforce APIs.

Salesforce API Limits and Real-Time Sync

Real-time Sync is a Salesforce APIs-based sync and consumes Salesforce API limits. When setting the Real-time Sync triggering conditions, you need to consider the API limits in your Salesforce org.

When the number of changed records has reached this trigger condition value, an API-based sync is triggered. The lower the Maximum Data Change Events Before Sync trigger value is set, the more API limits will be consumed.