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How do I automatically notify my customers of subscriptions coming up for renewal?


How do I automatically notify my customers of subscriptions coming up for renewal?

​Zuora gives you the ability to send automated email notifications to customers for upcoming subscription renewals.

For subscriptions with auto-renew disabled, the subscription stops billing once the subscription term expires. Therefore, you must work with your customers in advance to renew the subscription and avoid a lapse in services. It is best practice to provide non auto-renewal customers with ample notice in case they want to make any changes to their subscription.

For subscriptions with auto-renew enabled, because the customer opted for auto-renewal when they signed up for your service, advanced notification is an optional courtesy.

The following solution shows you how to configure Zuora to automatically send customers an email notification when their subscription is coming up for renewal.


In Zuora, navigate to Settings > Z-Billing Settings Setup Profiles, Notifications and Email Templates. Then follow these steps:

  1. Click add new notification.

Add New Notification

The Add New Notification panel is displayed.

Configure the Notification

  1. Configure the notification as follows.
Field Description

Event Category

Select Upcoming Renewal.

Event Name

Give the notification a name.


Optionally enter a description of the notification.


Select the check box to make the notification active.


Select whether you want to notify customers with auto-renew enabled (true) or disabled (false).

In this example, select false to notify only customers whose subscriptions are set not to auto-renew.

How Many Days Before

Enter the number of days before renewal that you want to notify the customer. Enter anywhere from 1 to 90 days.


Select the check box so that customers will be notified by email.

Select an email template from the drop-down menu. The drop-down menu displays the default templates and any custom templates you have created for upcoming renewals. The email template determines the email sent to customers. See Creating Email Templates for more information about how to create custom templates.

In this example, select Upcoming Renewal Default Email Template (Manual Renewal).

Click add new notification to complete the configuration. Your new notification appears on the Define Notification list. See Create and Edit Notifications for more information about configuring notifications.

  1. To view and edit the email template, click on the email template name to the right of the new notification in the Define Notification list.

Click the Email Template

The email template page is displayed.

Edit the Email Template

  1. Edit the email template information as required. See Creating Email Templates for more information.
  1. Scroll to the bottom of the email template page to see the email subject and body, as well as the available merge fields. Edit the email text and use the merge fields to personalize the email that each customer receives. See Email Template Merge Fields for more information.

Edit Email Text

  1. Click save.