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Global constants of Workflow


Global constants of Workflow

Global constants in Workflow are encrypted parameters that are valid for all workflows in a Workflow instance. A good scenario for using global constants is to record credentials for systems that you need to integrate Zuora with.

You define and manage global constants in the Settings tab of the Workflow landing page.

  • Specify a key (constant name) and a value in the corresponding fields to define a constant. Only alphanumeric characters are supported in keys. 
  • Click workflow_icon_add_1.png  to add another new constant.
  • Click workflow_icon_delete_1.png to delete a constant. 
  • Click Update to save the settings and make the constants ready for use. 


After a global constant is defined, you can reference it in Liquid templates. For example, if you define a constant with the key System1Username, you can reference this constant with this Liquid template: