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Logic: Iterate


Logic: Iterate

This task iterates the input data one entry at a time by default. If you set Iteration Type to Unique-Field, it iterates by unique values of data fields. 

The input data can be from:

  • a data export or query task
  • other tasks that output CSV files
  • direct file input by users

You must define a task after an iterate task with the For Each condition to handle further data processing for each item or unique field value. 

Optionally, you can define a downstream task for the On Complete or On Failure condition. 

Workflow will start the On Complete task when all instances of the For Each task are completed. The On Complete task will wait three hours at maximum for all instances of the For Each task to complete.


Task Settings

  • Object - The input data object. It can be a data object in the payload, or a file generated by an export task or uploaded by the user. 
  • Iteration Type - If the logic of the subsequent tasks is based on unique values of a data field, select Unique-Field. Otherwise, use Default (Every Item).
  • Chunking - If the subsequent task processes multiple items at a time, specify a number as the chunking size. Chunking is useful for bulk creating, updating, or deleting operations. 


If the preceding task is an export task, the file containing the exported data will be available in the Object list of the iterate task. The file name is the in the format of <object_name>_<a_number>


If the preceding task is a query task or other tasks that save data in the payload, the Object list can be like the following: