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Execute: Workflow


Execute: Workflow

You can initiate a workflow from the ExecuteWorkflow task.


Task settings

  • Target Workflow: Select the workflow to be executed from the list. A target workflow is only valid if its terminal task is a Logic > ResponseFormatter. The ResponseFormatter may not return a response object greater than 10KB. It is recommended not to include Approval or Delay tasks in the target workflow.
  • Payload Placement: Use this field to specify the location where the data generated from this task will be stored. The default placement is ExecuteWorkflow. If multiple ExecuteWorkflow tasks use the same payload placement, the data for each task will be appended to the same array as a separate object. If you want the data from a downstream task to replace the data from an upstream task, select the Replace Payload option.
  • Wait for Completion: If this option is selected, this ExecuteWorkflow task will not be executed until the target workflow completes.