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Promo Codes


Promo Codes

Promo Codes Overview

Leveraging promotion codes and coupons can be a complicated process. The processes like generating unique codes, enabling code redemption, setting time limits can get convoluted and cumbersome if you do not have an automated solution.  

Zuora’s Promo Codes app offers an efficient and automated solution for this requirement. With its ease of configuration and various APIs, the application can manage millions of codes and customers without any manual intervention or custom workarounds.


  • Time-boxed promotions and specific codes.
  • Create single-use codes and assign them to customers.
  • Create codes that can be used multiple times and count down the available quantity after each successful use.
  • Link codes to specific discounts in the Zuora catalog.
  • Specify your own validation rules for each code generated in the system.
  • APIs to create, validate, and consume codes.
  • Ability to mass create, update, and delete codes.

Getting Started with Promo Codes

Install Promo Codes App

As a first step, you must install the Promotion Codes app from your Zuora tenant. To learn about how to install an app, see Install an App

Set Up Promo Codes

After the Promotion Codes app is installed, you must create and configure promotion codes. See Configure Promo Codes for more information.

Use Promo Codes

After the promo codes are correctly created and configured, you can use the APIs to validate and consume codes. See Swagger API Docs for all available APIs. The URL and credentials required to make requests are provided in the API Docs tab in your Promotion Codes instance.