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Link Commerce Catalog to Subscriber Portal


Link Commerce Catalog to Subscriber Portal

Commerce Catalog integrates seamlessly with Subscriber Portal, and is required if you want to enable the Shopping feature. After linking Commerce Catalog to Subscriber Portal, all products in the Commerce Catalog are synchronized and become available in the Subscriber Portal. 

After you have installed Commerce Catalog and Subscriber Portal, launch your Subscriber Portal app instance, and click the Shopping tab.

  1. In the Catalog Configuration section, select as the endpoint, and enter the API token of your Commerce Catalog instance. You can obtain your Catalog API token by navigating to your Commerce Catalog app instance.
  2. Enter the Catalog API token. Obtain your Catalog API token by navigating to the Commerce Catalog app instance, and the API token is displayed below the Commerce Catalog header.
  3. Click Save Settings
  4. Navigate back to the Shopping tab and click Fetch New Products to load products from Commerce Catalog.

After the products are synchronized, they become available in the portal and can be viewed by navigating to <baseurl>/products.

All products displayed in Portal

Note: You can set the product landing page as the default landing page when someone visits the portal. To do so, log in to the Subscriber Portal instance, click the CONFIGURATION tab, and select products for the Set Default Route dropdown list.
Set default page