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Covid-19 Response Workflow Guide


Covid-19 Response Workflow Guide


The Zuora COVID-19 Response Workflow will provide you with a set of workflow templates and detailed guides to implement and execute these business operations.

With this offering, you will be able to implement the following:

  • Apply a Goodwill Discount - apply a percent based or fixed discount across your subscriptions
  • Apply a Credit - apply a credit to all or specific subscriptions
  • Suspend Subscription - suspend a subscription and notify the customer
  • Resume Subscription - resume a subscription and notify the customer
  • Suspend Payment Collection - suspend any payment collection

It is important to test these COVID-19 Response workflows in your API Sandbox environment first. Applying these changes directly into your Production environment may cause changes that cannot be undone.

Before you start, Zuora recommends that you complete the Workflow training in Zuora University and go through the Get started with Workflow articles in this Knowledge Center.


The COVID-19 Response Workflow templates facilitate your response to the impacts on your business.  

Click on each workflow guide below to learn more and find out how to configure and execute your workflows. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the COVID-19 Response workflows for?

  • The COVID-19 Response workflows are for any Zuora customer to execute a business operation as a response to the business impact from COVID-19.

How long do I have to access to these workflows?

  • The COVID-19 Response workflows are available through November 30, 2020. Your access to the COVID-19 Response workflows will end on November 30, 2020 unless you have purchased Workflow by then.  

Are these workflows automatically enabled for me?

  • These workflows are automatically enabled for all customers in Sandbox, but not in Production. In Production, if you haven't purchased Workflow, you need to contact Zuora Support to initiate the enablement process, which includes taking the Workflow training and completing a form. If you have purchased Workflow, these workflows are now available for use. You can find these workflows in the "COVID-19" template folder.

How do I give feedback or ask questions?

Can I test in Zuora sandbox and transfer it to my production environment?

  • The workflow templates are available in both Sandbox and Production.
  • It is highly recommended to test the workflows in Sandbox first.

What happens if we use Workflow and realize we made a mistake? How do we revert the change if something goes wrong with an update job or task?

  • Workflow is a way to execute APIs, so the same principles that apply to APIs also apply to workflows. 
  • There should be proper testing in your API Sandbox environment prior to Production to ensure everything works as desired.