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Extension Platform Introduction

The Extension Platform feature is in Limited Availability. If you wish to have access to this feature, send a request to

What is the Extension Platform?

The Extension Platform lets you replace standard Zuora functions with your own customized functions. You achieve this by creating an Extension and optionally uploading some Extension Data for the Extension to use.


An Extension implements your custom functions in Zuora. When you create an Extension, you specify some information about the Extension, such as which functions you want to override, and upload a Plugin File. The Plugin File is a piece of Java code that implements the new functions.

See Creating and Managing Your Extensions for more information.

Extension Data

Extension Data is data you upload to Zuora that can then be used by your Extensions. This can be useful if, for example, your Extension needs access to a reference table in order to make certain calculations.

You can upload your Extension Data in an Excel file from the Zuora UI. For more complex data sources, you can also create and manipulate Extension Data by using a set of RESTful web services and a Java client library.

See Importing and Managing Your Extension Data for more information.

Extension Development Kit

Access to the Extension Development Kit is limited to Zuora Global Services while the Extension Platform is in Limited Availability.

The Extension Development Kit (EDK) includes all the essentials to help you develop your own Extensions quickly and easily. The EDK includes:​

  • EP-LIB — a Java client library for performing operations on your Extension Data

  • A sample implementation of an Extension that shows how to write the Plugin File code and how to call the relevant libraries and APIs

  • Ready-made test cases

  • A Maven build file for compiling the source code and building the JAR file that you upload to Zuora

How Do I Develop an Extension?

This section provides a summary of the tasks you need to perform when developing an Extension.

1. Get Set Up

Send a request to so we can help you determine whether the Extension Platform is right for your needs. We will provide you with:

  • Access to the Extension Platform on your Zuora tenant
  • The Extension Development Kit, or EDK
  • Technical support through the entire process

2. Experiment with Our Sample Extensions

Learn how to build great Extensions by experimenting with our Sample Extensions. You can use the samples to determine which type of Extension best suits your needs. Each Sample Extension includes fully-documented sample code, sample Extension Data, an example use case, and a configuration guide.

3. Develop Your Own Extension

Use the code samples in our Sample Extensions and the EDK to develop the Plugin File for your Extension.

4. Deploy the Extension

Deploy the Extension as follows:

  1. Import Extension Data
    If your Extension requires any reference tables, you can upload that data to the Extension Platform. See Importing and Managing Your Extension Data for more information.
  2. Perform Unit Testing and Debugging
    Perform unit testing and debugging on the Plugin File in your IDE.
  3. Configure Custom Fields
    Your Extension may require input data that is not stored in standard fields on Zuora objects. If so, you can create custom fields on certain objects to store the data, which can then be accessed by your Extension.

  4. Create the Extension in the Zuora UI
    Create and enable the Extension in your Zuora sandbox environment. See Creating and Managing Your Extensions for detailed steps.
  5. Perform Integration Testing
    Perform end-to-end integration testing in your Zuora sandbox environment.
  6. Push to Production
    Deploy the Extension to your Zuora production environment.
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