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Sample Extensions

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There are a number of Sample Extensions available to help you see what is possible with the Extension Platform. You can use the samples as a basis when developing your own Extensions. The Sample Extensions correspond to the different Extension Profiles you can choose when creating an Extension. This article describes what is included in a Sample Extension, how to access Sample Extensions, and which Sample Extensions are available.

What is Included in Each Sample Extension?

Each Sample Extension includes the following:

  • Fully-documented sample code
  • Sample Extension Data
  • Example use case
  • Configuration guide

How Do I Get the Sample Extensions?

Contact Zuora Global Support if you would like to access any of the Sample Extensions.

Which Sample Extensions are Available?

The following Charge Model Sample Extensions are available:

  • Multi-Attribute Pricing
  • Pre-Paid with Drawdown

The following Revenue Recognition Model Sample Extension is available:

  • Issue-Based Revenue Recognition

Each of the Sample Extensions is described below.

Sample Extension: Multi-Attribute Pricing

The Multi-Attribute Pricing Sample Extension shows how to perform a custom calculation of the amount for a Usage Charge that is using the Per Unit Pricing model. For example, this Extension might be useful for a video streaming service that wants to calculate its usage fees based on additional attributes like video resolution, format, and length.

This Extension is called when calculating the amount for Usage Charges that use Per Unit Pricing Charge Model.

Sample Extension: Pre-Paid with Drawdown

The Pre-Paid with Drawdown Sample Extension shows how to allow customers to pre-pay for their services and then use that pre-paid balance to pay for subsequent charges. The Extension logic manages the pre-paid balances, decides which charges qualify to be paid, and decides whether to notify someone when the pre-payment amount falls below a certain threshold.

This Extension is called when:

  • Generating an Invoice — which allows for a preview of the charges to be paid for, potentially triggering an early "below threshold" notification.
  • Posting an Invoice — which allows:
    • the qualifying charges to be paid for by creating Invoice Item Adjustments.
    • the pre-paid credit to be topped up via a custom field.
  • Creating an Invoice Item Adjustment to pay for qualifying charges — which allows the pre-paid balance to be deducted as well.
  • Canceling an Invoice Item Adjustment — which allows the amount to be credited back to the pre-paid balance if necessary.

Sample Extension: Issue-Based Revenue Recognition

The Issue-Based Revenue Recognition Sample Extension shows how to recognize revenue for services that happen upon pre-determined milestones. For example, you can recognize revenue for magazine subscriptions based on the date the issues are delivered, reverse or write-off revenue per issue, and report revenue per issue.

This Extension is called when distributing revenue.

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