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Subscribe to Email Alerts and Complete the Integration Process


This is the final step in creating your NetSuite Integration. To receive automated alerts if synchronization errors occur, select an alert level and enter an email address.  

NetSuite Connector Integration Trial

The integration will initially be provisioned as a time-based trial (90 days). During the trial period, the integration is fully functional, with the exception that you cannot schedule the sync to run automatically. You can run the sync manually. The expiration message will be removed when you purchase NetSuite Connector. Contact your Zuora representative for more information. 

Email Alert Options


  • Name: Specify a name for the NetSuite Integration.
  • Subscribe to Email Alerts: Set the minimum alert level that will generate a notification. You can select INFO, WARNING, or ERROR. Zuora recommends that you select WARNING. See Editing Your Alert Subscription for more information, and instructions about changing this setting after you have created the integration.
  • Email Address: Specify an email address to receive notification messages.  
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