Viewing Sync Activity in Zuora Connect

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Viewing Sync Activity in Zuora Connect


Use the following steps to check the sync status and download sync logs.

Viewing Sync Results

To view the sync execution results and logs: 

  1. In Zuora Connect, navigate to My Connect > Tenants.
  2. Hover on the Zuora Login in Tenant Logins list and click Apps
  3. Click Apps tab in the login details page.
  4. Hover on the connector instance that you use to run the sync. Click Launch. The sync process list is displayed.SyncLog.png
  5. Click Download Logs to download the sync logs.
  6. Select the type of log to Download. See the following log types.
    • INFO: the log of the entire sync process.

    • WARNING: the log that contains the specific warnings in the sync process.

    • CONFIG: usually not used.



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