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SOAP API for the Subscription Economy 

The SOAP API provides precise, powerful control over your Zuora data and processes, appropriate for full-scale applications and servers.  Using the SOAP API, you can sell and manage subscription services - managing your product catalog, customers, pricing, packaging, billing, and payment options.

Before you can begin coding, there are things you'll need to assemble and configure, and a few terms and concepts you'll need to know along the way:

  • If you are familiar with SOAP APIs, use this checklist to make sure you have everything. Next go to the relevant articles for information on calls, objects, and complex types.
  • If you are new to APIs or SOAP, or just want extra guidance, read the Getting Started article.

Which should I use – SOAP or REST?

To complement our extensive web-based user interface, Zuora provides a comprehensive set of APIs, along with code samples libraries, that allow you to create custom applications to integrate with the Zuora platform.  Our APIs are most commonly used to enable subscribers to sign up and manage their accounts on our merchants' websites in a self-service manner, but they can also be used to integrate with front- and back-office systems.

For flexibility and convenience, Zuora provides both a SOAP API and a REST API.  Before getting started with our APIs, you should review the differences between our SOAP and REST APIs and select the option that will work best for your business.

If desired, you can use both our SOAP and REST APIs for your business

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