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Payment Method Snapshot is a copy of the particular Payment Method used in a transaction. If the Payment Method is deleted, the Snapshot continues to retain the data used in each of the past transactions. As such, the Snapshot helps with display of historical transactions, integrations to external systems, and reporting. The Payment Method Snapshot will be available for query using SOAP API and Data Sources.

Supported Calls

You can use this object with the query() call.

Field Descriptions

The fields for Payment Method Snapshot are identical to Payment Method, with the exception of the following:

  • Active
  • Created By ID
  • Created Date
  • Updated By ID
  • Updated Date

The following fields do not support the query() call in the PaymentMethodSnapshot object:

  • Active
  • AchAddress1
  • AchAddress2

See PaymentMethod for more information.

Additional Field Detail

Here's more information we think you might like to have about the Id field:


The ID of Payment Method Snapshot object. Every object has a unique identifier that Zuora automatically assigns upon creation. You can use ID to query for a snapshot.

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