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zObject is the base object from which all other SOAP API objects are extended. This SOAP API reference describes the fields associated with this base object.


All field names are case sensitive.

Name Required? Type Description



An array of String

Used to set a list of fields to null. You cannot set a field to NULL if nillable is set to false in the WSDL for that field.

Values: An array of field names



zns: ID

This is the ID that all of the IDs in other objects are derived from. Every object has an Id field, which you can use as a unique identifier to perform changes on a specific object.

Values: Cannot edit this field.

Character Limit: 32

Example Request

The following code segment requests to set the three fields to null for the account with the given Id.

   <ns1:zObjects xsi:type="ns2:Account">
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