Cancel a Credit Balance Adjustment

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Cancel a Credit Balance Adjustment


You can cancel a CreditBalanceAdjustment.

Zuora does not support deleting CreditBalanceAdjustments.

Enable Credit Balance Adjustments

Cancellation Process

To cancel a CreditBalanceAdjustment:

  1. Use the update() call on CreditBalanceAdjustment object.
  2. Specify the ID of the CreditBalanceAdjustment you wish to cancel.
  3. Set the Status to Canceled.

SOAP Example

The following is an example of SOAP code used to cancel a CreditBalanceAdjustment.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="" standalone="no"?>
<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="">
     <ns1:SessionHeader xmlns:ns1="" soapenv:mustUnderstand="0">
   <ns1:update xmlns:ns1="">
     <ns1:zObjects xmlns:ns2="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:type="ns2:CreditBalanceAdjustment">
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