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Insights Overview

Zuora Insights is the only analytics solution that gives you instant access to board-level indicators of the health of your subscription business, calculates engagement scores and churn predictions for your subscribers, and enables you to track the movement of subscriber cohorts via custom segments.


Present and analyze board-level subscription metrics



  • Key Subscription Metrics - Explore trends in key subscription metrics related to monthly recurring revenue (MRR), customer numbers, subscription changes, billing, and revenue collection. See Using the Overview Dashboard.
  • Configurable Board-level Dashboard - Configure how key subscription metrics are calculated and presented, to match the needs of your CFO and executive board. See Configuring Cards on the Overview Dashboard.
  • Seamless Sharing - Easily share trend charts and tables with team members, on mobile or desktop. See Share Metrics.
  • Flexible Reporting - Dig deeper into subscription metrics by creating custom reports. See Insights Analysis.


Understand and predict your subscriber behaviors




Segment your subscribers according to common traits and behaviors



  • Subscriber Segments - Group your subscribers by common traits and behaviors to uncover upsell and cross-sell opportunities, highest churn risks, and more.
  • Dynamic Segment Builder - Enable your whole company to easily filter attributes, metrics, and events to get real-time insights. See Create a Segment.
  • Segment Dashboards - Stay up to date on movements within each subscriber segment with a visualized dashboard highlighting your most valued metrics. See Segment Profiles in Insights.
  • Email Alerts - Set up real-time notifications as soon as a new opportunity pops up or an account becomes at risk of churn. See Enable Email Notifications for a Segment.


Connect your existing systems

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