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Insights Product Release Notes

This article outlines new features, enhancements, and resolved issues in the Zuora Insights application.

January 18, 2017

If you manage access to Insights through your core Zuora tenant, new users are now assigned the role Zuora Insights No Access. Users with this role cannot use Insights. Zuora platform administrators can grant users access to Insights through core Zuora settings.

Additionally, the names of the Insights standard and administrator user roles in core Zuora have changed to "Zuora Insights Standard User" and "Zuora Insights Administrator."

See Insights Roles for more information.

January 6, 2017

  • Insights Export API. You can use this new API to export account and user fields programmatically from Insights. You can also use the Export API to list segments for accounts and users. See Insights Export API for more information.
  • Several new account attributes are ready for phased customer rollout:
    • Account Billing Batch
    • Billing Contact ID
    • Billing Contact First Name
    • Billing Contact Last Name
    • Billing Contact Full Name
    • Billing Contact Email
    • Subscriber Status (replaces the Subscription Status account attribute that was available previously)
    • Zuora Parent Account ID
    • Zuora Parent Account Name

    See Insights Standard Fields for more information.

    The new account attributes will not be immediately available in customer tenants. They will be enabled in a phased rollout, and will become available in all customer tenants by January 20, 2017.

  • Fixed a minor issue where popup descriptions would stay visible during scrolling, obscuring the user interface.

  • Documentation enhancements. The following new articles are now available:

December 8, 2016

  • Minor fixes:
    • In Settings, the "Manage Account Attributes & Metrics" and "Manage User Attributes & Metrics" tables have been enhanced. The column headers now stay visible while scrolling.
    • On Account, User, and Event list views, the Account, User, or Event column now stays visible at all times to help identify the records being viewed.
    • Resizing of list view columns has been improved.

November 30, 2016

  • Time-series trend charts are now available for numeric attributes. To view the trend chart for a numeric attribute, click Attributes & Metrics on the Trends tab of an account or user dashboard, then choose the attribute.

    See Using Account Dashboards and Using User Dashboards for more information about trend charts.

    Trend charts for numeric attributes are also now available in account profile headlines.

    Historical numeric attribute data in trend charts will not be available in some customer tenants, but will automatically start trending for all customers tenants from December 1, 2016 forward.

  • Time-series comparison charts are now available for daily events. To compare event counts for multiple events, navigate to Events, select Chart, then select the Compare Events tab.

    See Compare Event History Across Events for more information.

  • Two new columns are available on the Events page. For each event:

    • The value in the Active Account % column is the percentage of active accounts that performed the event in the selected time frame
    • The value in the Active User % column is the percentage of active users that performed the event in the selected time frame

    The existing Account % and User % columns contain the corresponding percentages for all accounts and users.

    Insights considers a user or account to be active if Insights has ever received an event for the user or account.

  • Metric headlines on account dashboards now display the date when you hover over the chart.

    See Using Account Dashboards for more information about metric headlines.

  • Insights administrators can now clear the descriptions of attributes and metrics.

    If an attribute or metric has a description, Insights displays  after the attribute or metric label on the Account Attributes & Metrics page or the User Attributes & Metrics page.

    See Manage Account Attributes and Metrics and Manage User Attributes and Metrics for information about editing attributes and metrics.

  • Minor fixes:

    • "Actions" has been relabeled to "Events" in the segment query builder.
    • The settings menu includes an updated support link and adds a link to the Knowledge Center.
    • Fixed an issue in account profile layout headlines where long names would break the display.
    • Fixed an issue where an error would occur if all columns were removed from a grid component.
    • Fixed formatting issues with currency and % metrics in area and bar chart headlines.
  • Documentation enhancements. The following new articles are now available:

    The following articles have been enhanced with more detail:

October 27, 2016

  • Insights Add-On Application Is Now Generally Available.  All Zuora customers are now eligible to purchase the Insights Add-On. With Insights you can:
    • Understand subscriber behaviors as part of a holistic view that encompasses financial, demographic, and lifecycle data
    • Explore how your subscribers’ behavioral patterns map to renewal and growth outcomes
    • Leverage timely insights to take action using your existing systems
    • Learn more about Insights.
  • New Insights Navigation Design. Insights introduces updated structure and functionality for navigating the application. Notable changes:
    • Insights now has the same navigation design as the rest of Zuora’s products. Learn more.
    • The terms “Actions” and “Moments” are relabeled “Events”, for consistency.
    • The “Setup” menu area is relabeled “Settings”, and the organization of that page is improved.
    • The “Feed” section is no longer part of the Insights navigation menu.  If you used Feed, you can still access the same data and more using the “List” view in “Events”.
    • “Exports” is now available on the primary navigation menu.  (Previously, “Exports” was located in the profile drop-down menu and labeled “My Exports”.)

  • Centralized Zuora User Management and Login.  Insights Team Members and logins can now be managed from within core Zuora.  Previously, all Insights Team Members (both Standard Users and Admins) were always created within Insights and logged in to the Insights login page. Now, Insights customers have the option to create and manage their Insights Standard Users and Insights Admins from within core Zuora, and to access Insights via the core Zuora Login page. This is a new tenant-level setting and it is not enabled by default.  If you are interested in learning more or enabling this feature, please open an Insights support ticket.

September 12, 2016

  • Type-ahead field search added to list view column selector component:

  • Easier field sorting in panels in the Account Profile Layout Editor. Click and drag to reorder, or send straight to top or bottom of the panel:

  • Include all or just selected fields in list data exports:

August 19, 2016

  • Descriptions can now be added to fields and displayed on Account and User Profiles, the List View Column Selector, and the Segment Query Builder:


  • Start of Insights Product Release Notes. Release notes will now be published for Insights for all notable new features, enhancements, and resolved issues.
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