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Limitations and Known Issues

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Zuora is aware of the following limitations and issues with the Insights add-on.

Insights Analysis:

  • Insights Analysis is only available if access to Insights is controlled through your Zuora tenant, meaning that you manage Insights user roles and permissions in your Zuora tenant. See Guidance for Insights Administrators for more information. Insights Analysis is not available if you use standalone Insights as your identity provider service.
  • In Booking Metrics, the values of Change in MRR, Change in ACV, and Change in TCV do not currently reflect discounts.
  • For products that are not in your home currency, if you update a product and then remove or cancel it, the sum of the corresponding values of "Booking Metrics: Change in MRR (Home Currency)" may not be exactly zero. This is due to exchange rate fluctuations. The method of handling removals is being modified to address this issue.
  • Changing a subscription from Termed to Evergreen does not back out the TCV amount for that subscription in the Booking Metrics data set. This means that, in the Booking Metrics data set, an evergreen subscription could have a TCV amount associated with it if it started as a termed subscription.
  • If Booking Metrics contains years outside of the expected range (2000-01-01 to 2099-12-31), the Current CMRR monthly metric may not include these amounts from the "Booking Metrics: Change in MRR (Home Currency)" field.

Segments, Accounts, Users, Events:

  • Insights Account, Event, and User Grids are intended to display up to 10 fields on screen. If you are interested in values for every available field, Grid Export affords an option to export every available field.
  • Descriptions are not automatically available for some standard Zuora account fields. To work around this limitation, you can add field descriptions based on the descriptions provided in Insights Standard Fields. See Manage Account Attributes and Metrics for how to add field descriptions.
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