Using the Overview Dashboard

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Using the Overview Dashboard

This feature is not automatically enabled for existing users of the Zuora Insights add-on. To request this feature, contact your Zuora Insights representative.

The Overview dashboard provides an at-a-glance view of the health of your subscription business. You can use the Overview dashboard to explore trends in key subscription metrics related to monthly recurring revenue (MRR), customer numbers, subscription changes, billing, and revenue collection.

Only Insights administrators can use the Overview dashboard.

Each metric on the Overview dashboard is displayed as an interactive card. See Calculations of Key Subscription Metrics for a description of each card.

All data displayed on the Overview dashboard is sourced from your Zuora tenant. Monetary values are displayed in the home currency configured in your Zuora tenant. See Currency Conversion for more information.

Insights refreshes the data on the Overview dashboard at least once per day.

View Metrics

To view the values of a metric:

  1. Navigate to Overview.

    The Overview page opens and displays each metric as an card. For example, the Current CMRR card shows the contracted MRR across all accounts:


    To view a description of the metric, hover over the card title, then click  information:

  2. Click the card title.

    Insights displays more detail about the metric, including a table of values. For example:


    You can horizontally scroll the table of values to view all the data.

Depending on the configuration of your Zuora tenant, some metrics may not be available. For instance, if your organization does not use Zuora Payments to process payments, the Net Payments metric is not available.

If a metric is not available, the corresponding card displays "No Data Available."

Share Metrics

To send other team members a link to the Overview dashboard:

  1. Click Share at the top right of the page.
  2. Enter the email addresses of the team members to share the Overview dashboard with.
  3. Click Share.

Each team member will receive an email containing a link to the Overview dashboard.

The Overview dashboard uses a responsive design that makes it easy for team members to view metrics on mobile devices.

If a team member is not an Insights administrator, the team member will not be able to view the Overview dashboard. See Guidance for Insights Administrators for information about managing Insights administrators.

Report on Metrics and Export Metrics

Each metric on the Overview dashboard is provided by Insights Analysis. You can use Insights Analysis to further explore trends in metrics.

To create a report that summarizes a metric:

  1. In your Zuora tenant, navigate to Insights > Analysis.
  2. Locate the metric in the Zuora Standard Reports folder.
  3. Click Run Summary Report.

Insights Analysis displays a table of values for the metric. To filter the table, change the layout of the table, or add more details to the table, click Edit Report. To export the table, click Export > Crosstab Layout.

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