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View the Accounts in a Segment

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Segments in Insights dynamically include accounts based on criteria that you specify using the query builder. See Create a Segment for more information.

To view the accounts that are included in a segment:

  1. Navigate to Accounts.

    The Accounts page opens and displays a table of accounts.

  2. In the Segment field, enter the segment name or select the segment.

The table of accounts shows only the accounts that are included in the specified segment. For example:

The columns are initially arranged in the way that the segment creator specified. You can customize the column arrangement by hiding, showing, and moving columns. Insights saves your customizations automatically. Your customizations do not affect other segments or other Insights users.

To view the profile page of the segment, select Options > View Segment Profile. See Segment Profiles in Insights for information about the other actions available from the Options menu.

You can also view the accounts that are included in a segment by selecting Options > View Accounts from the segment profile page.

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